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Response to Budget Justification: CSBG

Last week the Trump Administration released its full budget for Fiscal Year 2018. Regrettably, this proposal cuts funding at the Department Health and Human Services (HHS) by 16.2 percent. As part of these reductions, the Administration is seeking to eliminate the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG). In its “Major Savings and Reforms” document and in … Continue reading

Including Families with Low-Incomes in the Transition to a Clean Energy Economy

By: Eric Behna, Program & Policy Analyst As presidential candidates put forth major plans to transition to a clean energy economy and politicians on all sides of the political spectrum realize the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy, it is important that low-income individuals and families are a part of the conversation. When it … Continue reading

Poverty Reduction in 2015: A Network Behind the Numbers

On Tuesday this week, the U.S. Census bureau released its annual report on income, poverty, and health insurance in the U.S. The results were encouraging – namely a significant drop in the poverty rate between 2014 and 2015. The CSBG network has been on the forefront of efforts to combat poverty and will be critical … Continue reading

Community Action Agencies Collaborate with Clients and Community to Respond to Affordable Housing Crisis

— by Quinton Young, Program Assistant —   The affordable housing crisis facing the nation is rapidly spiraling out of control. Given the large income disparities facing families and individuals across the country, more and more people are facing skyrocketing housing prices and a stagnant wage. Affordable housing plays a large role in the ability … Continue reading

Place-based Approach of Community Action: Place, Opportunity, & Social Mobility

Written by Lauren Cook, Program Analyst, NASCSP New research has been released that emphasizes the impact of a child’s neighborhood on their chances of social mobility. Earlier this month, The Brookings Institution hosted a discussion titled “Place, Opportunity, and Social mobility: What now for Policy?” with Harvard Professor of Economics, Raj Chetty, and a panel … Continue reading

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