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EPA Announcement Creates Big Opportunity for Weatherization

— Brad Penney, NASCSP General Counsel — The National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) applauds the June 2 release of standards proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce carbon emissions under Section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act. Yesterday’s EPA action demonstrates that the United States is prepared to take strong steps … Continue reading

A Bargain at Any Price

– By Timothy R. Warfield, Executive Director, NASCSP – As many of us around the country are digging out of a deep freeze, things are heating up on Capitol Hill. The big news is that Congress is actually working on a budget! Even more shocking, there’s a real possibility of some bipartisan agreement. CSBG reauthorization … Continue reading

Beat the Cold with NASCSP Webinars

Baby, it’s cold outside, but we’ve got you covered with the hottest news and topics of the day! Kick start the new year with our JANUARY HOT TOPICS Webinar lineup and save your space today! Beat the cold with warm conversation, from the comfort of your own office. Share the love and pass this on … Continue reading

Legislative Update: Initial Comments on Limited Budget Agreement

— By Brad Penney, General Counsel —  As many of you have seen reported in the media, the Congressional budget negotiators have reached a limited agreement to partially repeal sequestration and fund the government through FY 2015. While this is the first budget deal in three years, it still must be approved by the full … Continue reading

It’s Over – For Now . . .

– By Brad Penney, General Counsel – As I am sure you know, early this morning the President signed legislation reopening the federal government and funding it through January 15th as well as extending the debt ceiling until February 7, 2014. The funding is set at the House Republican-backed level of $986 billion, with a … Continue reading

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