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A Step in a New Direction

“If there is one statement that is true about the Weatherization Assistance Program [WAP] it is that things are always moving and changing. The purpose of this email shows that this continues to be true. After 28 years in Indiana’s WAP I am taking a step in a new direction. I have accepted the position of Energy Services Director with NASCSP.”

The above language is taken from the email that I sent to Indiana’s WAP network informing them of my departure from their program. It was a difficult email to write. As with many emails, once it was completed I paused for a moment before hitting send. It had finally settled in my mind that after 28 years, I would no longer be involved with the day to day operation of Indiana’s WAP. It was a very sobering moment that serves as a reminder of all the people, training and experience that makes this “step in a new direction” not only possible but now a reality!

The opportunity to serve on NASCSP’s Board of Directors as both the Region Four Representative and the Weatherization Chair provided me with a deeper appreciation for the importance of NASCSP’s role to the WAP, our partners [the grantees] and the Department of Energy [DOE]. The opportunity to play a part in strengthening that role on all fronts is very appealing to me. What greater “step in a new direction” could there be than to join NASCSP in direct support of our partners, DOE and the WAP!

We have a lot of work to accomplish. We have grantees to support and strengthen, legislators to educate, a WAP that needs to be reauthorized, a 40th anniversary to celebrate, and horizons in energy efficiency that need to be broadened and expanded upon. By working together, we can accomplish all these things and so much more! Please do not hesitate to reach out to NASCSP for the assistance you need. As we become fully staffed and dive into the work at hand, we want you to remember that we are your resource for training, guidance and support!

I deeply appreciate the warm welcome I have received from the NASCSP staff, DOE staff and Weatherization personnel throughout the WAP network! Thank you for the work you do each day and for making this “step in a new direction” such an exciting opportunity!

Ray Judy,

Energy Services Director, NASCSP




One thought on “A Step in a New Direction

  1. Ray- Thank you for all your efforts to build a strong WAP network in Indiana and across the country through your leadership on the NASCSP Board of Directors! I look forward to working with you in your new role to continue our progress in WAP and helping the thousands families we serve each year. Congratulations on your new position, and welcome to the NASCSP staff!
    Bill Brand, NASCSP Board President

    Posted by Bill Brand | May 20, 2016, 12:50 pm

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