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Data Corner: 100% 2012 CSBG IS Submissions Received!

NASCSP is happy to announce that every single State submitted their FY 2011 Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) Information System (IS) Survey data by the March 31, 2012 deadline! We know how much time and effort went into gathering and submitting the data, and we appreciate all the hard work this year from the CSBG Network. With their help, NASCSP can continue to show how vital the Community Action Network is to local communities.

Initial analysis of key data points from the raw submissions shows a decrease in most categories of 10 – 14%, which was expected given that CSBG Recovery Act funds ended in 2010. However, these numbers are still above the comparable pre-Recovery Act 2008 data. Preliminary data show that the CSBG Network served over 17 million people and reduced or eliminated more than 33 million conditions of poverty. Leveraging remained steady, with local Community Action Agencies (CAAs) managing over $6 of nonfederal funding for every $1 CSBG.

Final data will be released in annual reports and highlights in the next few months. Click here to see past annual reports and highlights.





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